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Opening up at Malkin's Bank - In the name of Thiago - Day 56

This evening I returned to the scene of the flooding I experienced on yesterday’s epic walk to work, which briefly threatened to derail my heroic efforts. Well sort of at least. To be precise, I was a guest speaker at Malkin’s Bank Golf Club near Sandbach. It’s a lovely little club which welcomed Angelica and I this evening with open arms. It’s also the first time that Angelica and I have been out together for far too long. Yes I know that there were a ton of other people there as well but just getting out together is a good thing. I met a couple of other folk as well who had lost a son, so there were plenty of tears and a couple of donations as well to go in the charity coffers. I had a lovely evening and so did Angelica. (I also got to have a bit of nosebag with the outgoing golf club captains and partners before)  I’ve also been working on a podcast today with a really good bloke called Flav, who is putting together a series of podcasts focussed on prom

Hi ho, hi ho - In the name of Thiago - Day 55

And yes it’s off to work I go, once again on foot. The alarm was set for 4am but fuckadoodledoo went my subconscious and I woke up at 3.10 Anyway after faffing about for way longer than was necessary, I attached my Thiago felt heart to my hi-vis jacket and was out the door at 4.10. Christ it was cold. I’ve taken to walking in shorts now as this creates one less problem in terms of surface run off water. But it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that it was a wee bit parky first up today. The first half of the walk was largely uneventful livened momentarily by a brief encounter with an unsuspecting fellow early riser. Don’t get me wrong, I love the peace and quiet, not to mention the thinking time that a five-hour walk to work starting at 4am brings, but I do like bumping into people on the way. It’s equally fair to say that this feeling is by no means mutual. I discovered this again today when I met the driver of the 3a First bus service in Talke Pits at 5.40.

A good day - In the name of Thiago - Day 54

As a title for a blog this is frankly lousy as shit but as a summary of events, it does the job nicely. Angelica sent me in to work with another 30 felt hearts produced painstakingly by our dear neighbour Mel, all of which have been sold making the splendid total of £104.77, which the mathematicians among you will note, pretty much equates to an average donation of about £3.50. A good day’s fundraising all in all. The little man above would hopefully be proud of his old man, well he looks pretty cheerful in this picture anyway. I spend a lot of my time being a bit of a knob, (I don’t mean to it’s just the way of things), but when it comes to this fundraising shebang, I seem to have the hang of it. Essentially it’s about being personable and this is a strength for me even if do say so myself. We had a team meeting today at work. They only tend to happen every 3-4 weeks, so when they happen there’s generally quite a lot to get through. Today I was paired with fel