Do you have one without the wee? - In the name of Thiago - Day 10

In the name of Thiago

Well today was fun. With the words of Angelica from last night still very much uppermost in my mind about being patient with my old man no matter how hard it might be, the two of us resumed battle! Actually it wasn’t like that at all. As I’ve mentioned before, my Dad and I are too similar, which often results in clashes. Yesterday we did but today was much better.

After unsuccessfully trying to fix Dad’s problems with online banking first up, it was time to look at another property. It’s fair to say that before we left, our expectations were not too high. On entering the property the reality very much married up with those expectations.

There was an unmistakable aroma in the air, which Dad summed up nicely I thought: “Do you have one that doesn’t stink of piss,” he asked of the agent when trying to gauge what else the poor lad had on the market. I didn’t know where to look and nearly wet myself, which as it turns out wouldn’t have made a whole heap of difference in that particular place. The search continues.

The rest of the afternoon/early evening was relatively uneventful, snooker and cottage pie just about covers it. But Tuesday is yoga night. Don’t ask me what that move is I’m attempting in the picture by the way and it’s fair to say that the flexibility I currently have is absolutely shocking. The same can be probably said for my general fitness so the oohs and aahs and the do you mind if I don’ts are certainly are not coming as any surprise to me. That said, this year is the year for positive change and it will come. I’m enjoying it and sticking at it.

When I got home, what a beautiful sight awaited me. Elisa and Dad were deep in conversation having had a right proper session on the Lego. Plenty of work still to do on Hogwarts Castle but it really raised my spirits to see them thoroughly enjoying each other’s company so much. My family life has been tested to the limit since Thiago died and the warm feeling it gave me to see the two of them getting on so well was priceless.

Just before I sign off today, as I write this now, I am a mere £20 away from raising the first £1,000 of my £10,000 target, which even if I say so myself is a fantastic achievement. It’s made me realise that I have a lot of friends and family around me, who care very deeply for my wellbeing. I am so grateful for every one of them and I feel very fortunate to have so many extraordinarily generous and compassionate people in my life.

To find out more about the charity walk I’m doing and the reason for doing it (and to push me into four figures!), please visit:


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