I might live to regret this - In the name of Thiago - Day 26

In the name of Thiago

Before I get into the meat of what I’d planned to write about today, I firstly want to tell you about a quite beautiful and deeply moving gesture that my dear friend Paul Nunney has made.

I’ve known Nuns, or Kenny Lopez as he’s probably rarely known these days, for the best part of 30 years, thanks to our association with arguably the leading social cricket club in Sussex in the 1990s; Pevensey.

Together with his wonderful family – who Angelica and I have known since, well the beginning – we have a bond, which will last a lifetime. And so today I got this wonderful surprise, which is the lead picture for today’s blog.

The plaque is positioned on a seat at the wonderful Hailsham Pavilion, which I urge you all to visit, as it is a magnificent place. Paul and his colleagues will always give you a warm reception and if you want to take in a film or a show while enjoying an authentic atmosphere in a building which oozes character, then you need to visit this marvellous little spot.

When I opened the message with this picture earlier I started to well up again. “For his memory, for his life and for you all,” wrote Paul. Beautiful.

I decided yesterday that I would walk the 15 miles from my home to work. And when I woke up today, I hadn’t changed my mind. This represents a new-found fortitude to my spirit and a refreshing desire to see a plan through.

Bollocks. Why can’t the old me come back to the fore where I realise just how bloody far that is to be walking and still be functioning normally at 9.30 when I arrive at work. I’ll be leaving the house at 5am for fuck’s sake. This is insane.  

Seizing on the positive aspects of my target to do all this before reporting bright and breezy for what is actually looking like a very busy Friday at the office, my colleagues offered me the following (paraphrased) responses by way of support. “Are you off your rocker Chris, that’ll take forever,” or ‘why don’t you just walk to Claire’s it’s closer,” or even better from Fivestar, “Stay safe and try not to get killed before sunrise”. I am clearly well loved!

I’m kind of already imagining me running Fivestar’s mantra ‘try not to get killed’ over and over in my mind as I pummel the roads either side of the great North Staffordshire/South Cheshire frontier.

I’m just hoping for my first bout of dry weather on the walk tomorrow or failing that, no more of those Audi twats deliberately accelerating through huge puddles of standing water. Let’s see what tomorrow brings…


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