Logistics aaarrgghh - In the name of Thiago - Day 24

Well actually this shit is kind of important and now that I’ve got my plan of how to get in some sort of shape in well, some sort of shape, the time is upon me to properly figure out some of the logistical stuff.

I am starting to get people asking me stuff like, where will you be staying, what time will you be starting each day, what route were you planning for this section of the journey or where exactly will you end up each day?

So to answer these questions as fully as I can for now I’d like to say, Eastbourne for week one probably travelling up and back from Stoke for the last week and Lord knows in between. There’ll be a bit of London and I think I’ve discovered an old school friend who lives somewhere in Hertfordshire.

(the full extent of my planning as it stands!)

As far as routes are concerned, well people that know me a little, will be aware that I have an appalling sense of direction, which is why I figured for the parts of this trek where I might not have any company, I might be best served sticking to the canal path. Where will I end up at the end of each day? Well I haven’t worked out the names of the pubs yet but I can say that The Garland in Redhill is looking good though everything else is very much to be arranged. That reminds me, I ought to make contact with that brewery in Tring…

I’m thinking I might set my Dad on this as a task for weeks 2-4 when he returns from his brother’s gaff in Chester, as finding battle cruisers should be right up his street. He certainly didn’t seem to struggle in that respect when I was growing up!

So in short, there’s lots to think about. At the moment I’m just not finding the time to do this in the proper sit down way with maps strewn around and getting excited about it, though this probably needs to happen.

I’ve become conscious of the fact that, while this is so very important to me, I don’t want it to consume me completely. I have a beautiful wife and wonderful daughter who need someone to be a proper husband and dad respectively. If it wasn’t for them, I really don’t know where I’d be right now.

And breathe. I’ve just got back from yoga and I’m into my ‘golden time’. I shit you not, this is a truly relaxing feeling that I’m completely unfamiliar with, as unfortunately I just don’t seem to do relaxing very well.

This was the fourth session I’ve been to and I am delighted to report that unlike last week when I released a slight titter when Pam asked us to ‘massage the balls’, this time there was no pause between these three words and ‘of the feet’. It’s all good.

Thanks for reading folks and please keep the donations coming and the Facebook and Twitter shares going. You’re all wonderful people J


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