Plumbing the depths - In the name of Thiago - Day 11

In the name of Thiago

Okay I’ll admit the title for today’s blog entry is a little melodramatic but as I’ve always been a person who has ridiculous emotional extremes, you’ll have to excuse me.

I slept like a log last night, too much so in fact, not waking up until a minute after my daughter Elisa had left and gone to school. The fact that I slept for so long gave me a sense of failure, (I warned you about the extremes).

Even if I haven’t got a particularly busy day planned, I still like to rise reasonably early. I find that if I don’t, it can leave me feeling quite gloomy. Clearly, I’ve done a lot of feeling sad lately so that gloominess doesn’t need any encouragement but today it just got the better of me and stayed there all day.

Then there was the matter of the burst water pipe under our sink, which is positioned at an insanely impossible angle to get at in such eventualities. Angelica was already downstairs, sleeves rolled up attacking the cupboards with gusto with the big man performing a supervisory role. After smashing the shelving on the cupboards to bits, it was time to call SuperSteve.

SuperSteve should actually be a bone fide super hero in my eyes. So just to avoid confusion, this is not the same Steve who is my walking partner, though that Steve is also thoroughly outstanding. This is Steve my next door neighbour. SuperSteve repaired our boiler, changed the toilet system and today has repaired our piping under the sink.

SuperSteve is one of those blokes that if you have in your life, you feel very lucky. He knows I am absolutely incompetent when it comes to anything remotely practical but he never makes me feel bad for that. I have tried but I’m just shit.

I do feel bad though for the fact that he doesn’t let us pay him a proper rate for the amount of times he helps us. Without SuperSteve I’d have been a lot gloomier today without a doubt.

Sometimes, I think you have to write a day off. That was today for me. The positives are that I am able to do so without having been rude or short-tempered with anyone. Soon I shall retire to my room, read my book set my alarm an hour earlier and endeavour to make more of tomorrow. Wow, what a lousy blog eh?


  1. I do remember some years ago burning your hand on our leaky boiler...

  2. Ha ha, wonderful memories of very different times. And to think I had to do my practical teaching assessment for our TEFL course that day with my hand out of commission! 😊

  3. I do remember that day clearly. Chris with mummified hands, couldn't do much for days. Or used that as an excuse for not doing much

    1. dad was a SuperSteve too... Very difficult to live up to someone like SuperSteve or my dad... No one is ever as good as them... I have to live with that 🤣🤣🤣

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