Five words - In the name of Thiago - Day 52

Just before I took leave of my duties in the office this evening, I caught a sneak preview of the agenda for our monthly team meeting. Describe yourself in five words reads one of the agenda items. So I’ve decided to take it upon myself to do my homework and come up with them tonight. Any my focus is going to be on the positive because well that was the point of the blog when `I started and it still is now.

So without further ado: 1) resilient – I think this one speaks for himself after all the shit that’s been thrown my way so I doubt I’ll be asked for any further explanation on this

2) compassionate – ever since I was a young boy, I’ve always had a very strong sense of right and wrong. In fact I was talking about this with someone only earlier today. I remember raising money for victims of an earthquake in Armenia when I was 12. Nobody asked me to do it, there wasn’t particularly any history of fundraising at my school but something resonated with me. And nowadays I just find that there’s a lot satisfaction to be gained from simply helping your fellow man. So I do.

3) unselfish (too much so) – I’m not very good at putting myself first so I suppose this is the natural result.

4) inspiring – You know what, I am going to give myself some credit. Sometimes I’m not terribly brilliant at getting deep down in the detail but I’m pretty good at getting people to come along for the ride. The fundraising I’m doing this summer demonstrates the point perfectly and I’m convinced that the camaraderie and companionship that comes from the summer will be a lasting memory.

(this is snow - I like snow)

5) gregarious – well I love a social gathering and I think it’s this characteristic of mine that keeps me sane. I’m lucky not to feel like I need to lock myself away. In some ways I think this has helped my grieving process though it can also hide some flaws as well. Ultimately none of us are perfect but I must be getting close!

Well I wasn’t planning on writing that but there was some relevance in doing it. Losing Thiago has encouraged me to think of myself in far more positive tones. I’m actually doing really fucking well, to be working full time, functioning at close to being with full mental dexterity, being a loving father and husband and generally being full of the kind of positivity that you wouldn’t normally associate with someone who’s had their world ripped apart. 

Yep, Tuesday night is yoga night. I do really like this shizzle I have to say. I’m not too fussed about all the chanting and the odd names that everything seems to come with but one thing you cannot argue with is the amazing sense of relaxation that it brings. I’m pretty sure I’m going to carry in with it once this initial eight week period comes to an end and I’ve also made some new acquaintances along the way, which is another positive. Especially as I’ve sold some more felt hearts to raise money for my two charities!


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