Do not plan - In the name of Thiago - Day 81

I think the way to get through this time is to try to have a clear mind. This isn’t something that necessarily comes very easily to me as I am inclined to not only think but to overthink.

So it’s a bit of a slow burner for me but I am essentially getting myself used to the idea that nothing can really happen for the next three months apart from digging in, working from home and trying my best to look after Angelica and Elisa.

I suspect that come April the situation that we find ourselves in now will be just part of everyday life and become our new normal. It really is a case of living day to day until such a time as the situation changes.

Angelica, the extraordinary workhorse that she is, has been back outside painting both the summerhouse and the shed today. Elisa popped out for a bit today as well to lend a hand giving the summerhouse its first coat but having done her bit – and using the word bit is being extremely kind – deemed that mummy had it under control. She is a cheeky little blighter, no question. I have literally no idea where she gets this characteristic from…

I’m starting to become well immersed in the idea of working from home, though it’s not without its flaws. I can get very easily distracted and I’m pretty certain that having demotivated children knocking about the place wouldn’t normally be part of the deal.

The main challenge I have is that the capability of the technology I use in my everyday life is streets ahead of what I am supplied with by my workplace. For now at least, I am ploughing on with using what I’ve been given as I like to keep a clear boundary between work life and home life. But I suspect there may be a point where I think sod it, I need to make life easier for myself!

Connectivity has been an issue for me at home today as well. My provider Virgin Media have said that they are expecting that the localised issue they’ve been addressing today ‘should’ be fixed by 10.30 this evening and that I ‘may’ even be compensated.

I’m not really bothered by the compensation because Lord knows we’re all having to operate in very challenging times but it does make things tricky when you’re exclusively working from home as I am and hopefully a huge percentage of the nation’s workforce is now.

Stay safe and take good care of one another folks and if you can spare a few quid, please donate to thetwo NHS hospitals that I am fundraising for in very challenging times.


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