Gardening - In the name of Thiago - Day 78

After yesterday’s emotional turmoil, it was important to do something to redress the balance today.

And so Angelica and I took to the garden. Angelica always dreamt about having a garden to look after from pretty much the day she arrived in the UK in 2001. And when this little lady gets an idea in her head there’s very little that can ever be done to stop her achieving her goal.

So despite it being Mother’s Day when Elisa and I should have been fussing over her, Angelica was getting out there weeding and pruning pretty much from about 10am right through to about 4.30 this afternoon!

Elisa did say that she was keen to get out there, enjoy the sunshine and generally help out but as you can see, the lure of a lie in and a snuggle with Pudsey Bear proved to be a little bit too much of a pull.

I feel a little calmer today, yesterday was really hard but those days, I know, will always be just around the corner. It’s about me accepting them and being kind to myself while the hurricane blows itself out. And I guess as each new hurricane arrives, the better position I will be in each time to cope with them. Bloody hell it’s tough though..

As you can see Angelica has been producing wonders. This lady finds that hard work comes naturally to her. I’ll be honest, when it comes to manual labour I’m no great shakes but as she is in so many ways, Angelica is an absolute inspiration to me and through her determination I’m far more inclined to get up off my fat arse and do more now.

My back’s now killing me though but hey look at those borders. If you think they look shit just don’t say anything at this point as I’m feeling proud of having done them. I’m still at the very basic end of the gardening journey. I am most certainly not at a level where I am trusted to differentiate between plants and weeds.

So I’ll retire contentedly to my bed this evening as will Angelica I’m sure. And if we’re lucky we might even convince Elisa to make the short trip from our room to her own not that I had anything planned you understand.

Take care and keep smiling people and if you can donate to the cause. Until tomorrow..


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