Remembering my hero - In the name of Thiago - Day 77

It’s a bloody tough gig this social distancing I’ll readily admit. Today Angelica and I managed to have a face to face meeting while keeping a two-metre distance at pretty much the whole time I would say.

Was the meeting essential you can very justifiably ask. Well yes it was I would say. We went to see the man who will be making the gravestone for my gorgeous little boy Thiago. Thiago died in November and was buried at Keele Cemetery on 17 December. He’s the reason I’m here and hopefully part of the reason you’re reading this too.

It takes a full six months for the ground to settle sufficiently for a headstone to be placed at the grave and it takes around ten weeks for the stone to be created. With everything else that’s happening, I felt it was really important to do this today as I don’t want my son’s grave to be empty-looking for a moment longer than is absolutely necessary.

He deserves to be remembered and respected by me as much as I physically can and there is nothing that I wouldn’t do for that little man. He changed my life for the better and I have nothing but the very utmost respect for everything he did in the ridiculously short time Angelica, Elisa and I had with him.

I have tears streaming down my face and am hyperventilating as I write these words now, but the cathartic release that comes with writing them compensates the horrendous sorrow. Well for a time at least anyway. The pain is so constant that I do find it very hard to give a shit about the people that complain about the situation society is facing.

One thing I am now is reasonably immune to anything to do with death. Neither Angelica or I have any fears about death and just want to protect each other in the event that one or both of us pops our clogs. Most importantly though we want to give Elisa every opportunity to make us and herself proud. That girl is probably going to be horribly spoilt now and I make no fucking apology whatsoever for doing that.

Okay folks I’m going to get cracking with dinner now as I’ve been a bit lazy today while Angelica’s been on a spring clean. Please continue to donate and don’t forget the beautiful felt hearts are available to anyone who wants one. It makes me so proud to see people wearing them.

I’m off to self-medicate and maybe listen to Blur for a bit. Life was simpler then..


  1. Love the pictures Chris and enjoying your blog. Cannot for a second imagine how you're feeling but you're making a positive difference to a lot of lives..keep going 👍

  2. Making a positive difference is a wonderful accolade Bill. Thank you for sharing that with me mate. I am just trying my best because that my friend is all any of us can do 👍❤️

  3. Your blog helps me so much CG. Joe and I know that by writing daily it helps you to grieve but do you know it helps me to relate even more with my little grandson.

  4. Just reminding myself of old posts and stumbled on this. I'm so happy this helped you reconnect with Thiago Mum. He's with us every day ❤️


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