Thousand up! - In the name of Thiago - Day 70

A thousand up. What’s he banging on about now you might well ask. Well as of today one thousand separate views have been made of my very first blog entry.

Yes I know that may mean that some of those have been viewed 2-3 times by the same person but even allowing for that, I am feeling a sense of pride. I believe that I may have now passed the benchmark of not writing utter tripe. Well at least not every day anyway.

Okay figures are down in recent times but I’m happy for what doing this is achieving. I was talking to my mate Aussie Dan earlier today and he told me about someone he knew that was taking some comfort from reading the blog and that is pretty much what this was always about.

It’s never been a numbers game – despite my pride at the latest mark – it’s all about providing hope and letting people know that it’s alright to be down, it’s alright to be having an utterly shit time, it’s fine to be drunk and falling apart at the seams (see blog day 63). Because that folks, is life. And if you survive it, bully for you. Move on to the next day!

(Jesus that smile he had was so infectious - what a handsome little dude)

It’s fair to say that the dynamic in the relationship I have with my family has been severely tested in recent times. I won’t drone on about that again as I’ve already said a lot in previous blogs but the big thing today was Angelica going back to working at the weekend. Over the last 15 months, although I have been tested to the very limits of my endurance with everything I’ve suffered with Thiago’s condition and his passing, I did have weekends with my wonderful wife. 

As we move into unprecedented times globally, the strain on the NHS, which Angelica is such a vital cog in, will become immense. And as this time approaches, it really will be all hands to the pump. All hours, meaning that weekends together will sadly be a thing of the past.

It’s been Daddy day care today. Elisa has had two of her mates round for the afternoon, one of whom it turns out is a mini domestic goddess. Through Millie’s diligence we have discovered that there is indeed a carpet in Elisa’s bedroom. What a thing! The girls have made a place for our cat Jack to chill in as well. Well I say the girls, it was pretty much a mission all of Millie’s making. She can definitely come round again!

They pretty much took care of themselves while I pottered about in the kitchen. I’ve not achieved a great deal today to be honest but I do feel a lot more relaxed. Angelica and I have now decided on the wording we want on Thiago’s headstone so we can get the ball rolling on that front. I hope that it will be there come the time I finish my walk in July but it won’t be the end of the world if it isn’t.

Perspective, that’s what we need in these unusual times. Oh and money, or more specifically your money to help me fundraise for our amazing NHS in my case this is for University Hospital Stoke and Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Thank you and good night!


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