Time to rally round - In the name of Thiago - Day 72

I’ve decided to take the Dame Esther Rantzen approach with tonight’s blog. In her parting comment, when being interviewed by Huw Edwards as part of the rolling news coverage of today’s events, she said that in these unprecedented times we need news that will cheer us up from broadcasters.

Yes I know that sadly my broadcasting days are most probably all behind me but I’m going to fly the flag for cheering people up by saying that I have a very strong faith that we will come through this as a society.

And not only will we get through it but I think that when eventually we come out the other side, though the economy will be in a really tough place, as human beings we will be kinder, more compassionate and, I sincerely hope, more capable of connecting with our communities.

This cheered me greatly earlier. I haven’t set eyes on a jar of sandwich spread for a very long time. When I saw it, I was ridiculously happy. I mean completely disproportionately happy and I’m very pleased that Georgie advised me to take a picture of it for tonight’s blog. Frankly if nothing else it can be tricky to find suitable pictures for weekday blogs when I am usually office based. It’s even worse now that it looks like I’ll be home working for the foreseeable future..

Anyway back to the cheery approach which I promised. I’m going to make a list of anyone I know who I might be able to help in this global pandemic and urge you all to do the same. I suspect the new guidance coming from Downing Street may take a day or two to sink in for many but let's get ready to help.

Pick up the phone to people and talk to them folks. Yes it’s going to be tough but let’s focus on what we CAN do. We have a new norm now and we need to support and love each other more now than we have ever done before. Let’s get to work.

Not that you need me to remind you after everything in the news today but our NHS needs our support more than ever before. Please help me to help them by donating today.


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