April fool - In the name of Thiago - Day 88

Without wishing to look like a fool on this of all days but I was struggling to think what to be writing about today for the first time in 88 days.

Since I started this gig a week before I returned to work in January after a long period of absence in 2019, it seems that there have always been reassuring flurries of activity. All this time the writing has come quite naturally but long periods of being marooned in your home – admittedly while still working – don’t tend to provide an outlet for great material.

But I do have an out. For today, as well as being an opportunity for pranksters to hone their craft, is also the birthday of two of my very good friends Saffron and Olly. As I write this, Elisa is upstairs on a call to Saffron’s eldest daughter Primrose.

I’ve known Saffron since we were students on an English as a foreign language course back in 2003/4. We have a mutual love of radio, Saffron was a news journalist for a number of years for the likes of Sky and commercial radio and now students of Sussex Downs College benefit from her knowledge and passion.

She spent a good chunk of time teaching in Sri Lanka too in 2006 which is where this photo was taken. Saffron was always asking me if I could provide anything to the children that she was teaching that might encourage discussion inside and outside the classroom. Evidently at this point I couldn’t and so I sent her this Morrissey poster instead. Some friend eh!

She also has two daughters with another bloody good friend of mine Nunners, who I’ve known for probably about 25 years. When they realised they both knew me on their first date, I think I probably secured a lifetime’s friendship!

Oliver meanwhile has been partaking in the more traditional activities associated with a birthday and frankly by now I have no idea where he might be. I must just remember to turn my phone off later though as he is occasionally prone to a late in the evening call when he’s completely bollocksed!

Oliver or Olly the Octopus, as he’s more commonly known, is someone I have introduced to you before as the designer of the ‘In the name of Thiago’ logo that heads up every day’s blog so you’ve all actually known him for 88 days now!

They are both very dear to me in their own special way and I hope guys that you’ve both had a good day. A weird one I’m sure but hopefully a good time with those literally, closest to you.

Oh look what I’ve just remembered I had. As you can see Olly is taking his birthday responsibilities very seriously. Good on yer lad!

I'm still fundraising for Royal Stoke and Birmingham Children's Hospitals folks. Yes I know there is obviously a lot of uncertainty about the walk now this summer but come what may I will be walking from Eastbourne to Stoke at some point and that money ain't going to raise itself! 


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