Like a dog - In the name of Thiago - Day 90

If yesterday was about celebrating the mundane, then today is about celebrating the fact that I have the capacity to work bloody hard. No laughing at the back about civil servants and hard work please. In actual fact, anyone working in a communications role ought to be earning their corn in this climate. This is very much the time..

The whole home schooling while home working debate, is an interesting one I think. I genuinely felt I ought to do something in lockdown week one but that has quickly changed to one 20 minute cello lesson and some pissing about with online resources in week two.

But I’m not going to beat myself up about that. Far from it. I’m proud of the job that Angelica and I have done bringing up Elisa. She’s a bit miffed about missing school and misses her mates but on the work front I reckon she’s done pretty well over the last six years so if she wants to laze about for a bit, well that’s fine by me.

Perhaps there are a couple of areas I could get a slightly tighter grip on though. I asked her yesterday when the last time was that she’d had a wash. She replied, “Who knows?” I’d love to think she had a pretty reasonable idea but that confidence would appear to be rather misplaced on this evidence!

This arrived through my letter box today. And what a little beaut it is too. Angelica was wearing hers for work until her team started wearing the full blown protective clothing and made doing so impossible, so I shall continue to fly the flag, or more accurately flags.  

Angelica looks exhausted bless her. She’s looking after patients on the dedicated Covid-19 intensive care unit now after all the children from her unit were moved to Birmingham. Christ it’s tough, unforgiving work. But through it all, her colleagues use dark humour to get through it. On arrival home tonight she said, “I thought my days of seeing cock were behind me”. Yes darling, sadly so did I.

Moving away from tales of marital bliss, after my day’s work ended at 5.30 (yes 5.30 on a Friday, it’s frankly obscene isn’t it?) I took a stroll with Elisa up to the green, which is pretty much at the end of our road, and we twatted a ball about for a bit before Elisa took up her standard resting place in the tree – the same one where Angelica is pictured from yesterday.

So that’s it, another week is done. Another week without my gorgeous little boy. Nothing is becoming easier and weirdly a part of me wants it always to be total shit because if I can’t have a life with him, then what sort of a fucking life is it anyway? Luckily, there aren’t many people who can answer that. Elisa keeps me sane. She’s a complete fucking loon, just like me and that is wonderful to see. So here’s to lunacy. Cheers!


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