Pounding streets, flouting rules – In the name of Thiago – Day 140

I decided to pretty much exactly replicate last Saturday’s walk today with only the slightest of deviations in the early stages, which I thought would lose some distance but actually gained some. Last week was 14.84 to be precise, this week was 15.25. Gradually the miles are being put in the legs as they say.

I actually felt so much better after today’s walk compared to how I was at the same time last week. Yes the legs are pretty achey and I’ve got pain in the hips, which I didn’t have last week, but that’s down to playing tennis three times since the last walk and using muscle groups that have otherwise been redundant in recent weeks.

This point was pretty much at about halfway along my route just after I made a sneaky detour into the car park at the Blue Bell (my established halfway point) for a banana and to rest the plates for a short while. I was out for five hours today but the time really does fly. I have a bit of music on (but not all the way), I normally take the opportunity to make a few calls and catch up with some friends or if I’m desperate, maybe my brother. I normally pop a few posts out on social media along the way too.

I had a really positive chat with Matt today – who’s a friend from work – as I was dropping down into Kidsgrove. We spoke about the possibility of him doing a beard-related fundraiser. A mutual friend of ours described his beard as fully apocalyptic today so on that basis, there’s a reasonable chance he might be able to raise a few quid!

At this point there was only a half mile to go and bloody hell did I feel good. I’ve got a couple of days off in the week too so I’m hoping I might be able to squeeze in a midweek walk too. Ooh look how ambitious I’m getting all of a sudden! In all seriousness though, although I know there’s a long way to go, I’m feeling a lot more positive about the journey ahead. That is the mentality I need coupled with the strength of my son’s memory and his happy little face to keep going. And keep going I shall.

And when I got back my day was brightened even further by these beauties! As I write this now, I’ve not tried them on, but Mr Hickey assures me they are reassuringly comfortable so I shall no doubt pop a pair on tomorrow. They are a very accurate reflection of my newly acquired positivity. I'm actually feeling so fucking positive now that it's starting to annoy me!

That’s me and the old man old walking around the grounds at Keele University this afternoon. You may well ask what the fuck is he doing there? He went to my brother’s gaff during lockdown as while Angelica was working on the Covid ward at the hospital, we couldn’t risk him getting infected. It would have been a death sentence. He has now purchased a house in Longton and I’m going to help him move in. My brother Judd and his girlfriend are coming to assist.

We know it’s technically against the guidelines that have been set down and broken by many different government advisers but I am very much of the opinion that this is what I need to do to help my dad. I can live with that and am happy to handle any opprobrium that comes my way.

And now that I’ve outed myself as a flouter I am going to out myself as a lover of the Toyhouse Brewery, which is a much easier thing to do. I’m enjoying 2-3 glasses of the Teq-Quench Lime Gose. Bulldog describes it as a tequila slammer inspired, slightly sour German ale flavoured with salt and coriander. It’s rather bloody good is how I’d describe it.

So that’ll do from me today. Please continue to support me if you can people. Kind words and compliments are lovely but hard cash to the NHS is my preferred currency. Now go back to staying alert.


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