The Gibbs means business - In the name of Thiago - Day 136

I have got my shit together, there’s absolutely no question about that. I’m feeling as good as I have for a very long time all of a sudden. The transformation quite frankly, is nothing short of remarkable – further proof if ever any was needed that I really am a fairly up or down kind of guy with not a lot in between. I must be a fucking nightmare to live and work with at times!

So what is the source of this preposterous level of new found positivity, you might very reasonably ask? The answer is simple, I am finding good reasons to do work and to make changes to how I’m living my life. Regardless of whether any of them lead to anything, I know that they are putting me in a better place mentally. And that for me right now is plenty good enough.

As I said to my boss in a roundabout way today, if I can control the controllables and do what I have to do to the best of my ability, then I am more than happy to let all the other stuff wash over me while I try to stay on the crest of this wave for as long as humanly possible. Or at least until Saturday when Gibbs the elder returns to the fray. Fuck it, I knew it couldn’t last. Aaaarrrggghhh!

Another reason for me to be happy is that I’ve had another very positive email from Gayle, (they all are), at the charity to support bereaved parents, ‘A Child of Mine’. Like me, Gayle lost a son, but she’s turned that loss into something remarkably positive in the form of setting up her wonderful charity.

Gayle and I have never met, which is partly down to the bloody virus, but I reckon we will do before long. I just think it’s a wonderful thing that she’s more than happy to help and support me with my charity fundraising work when she’s also trying to fundraise herself. I will be very proud to help her charity where I can and will be doing that very thing in the form of a video message soon for something that she’s setting up.

Gayle is a lady of ambition and I like that a lot. She’s been through the very worst thing a parent can possibly experience and has not let that awful tragedy stop her from living her life. She said to me once that the pain will be with you forever, it will never leave you but that every day it becomes a little easier to manage.

In a really fucking weird sort of way, I reckon I’ll get stronger all the time, while people around me may worry about what life still has in store. Life can throw whatever shit at me it likes now and I know I’ll breeze through those troubled times and say up yours to all the crap stuff and plough on like a trooper. I’m a survivor and will carry on surviving every day until my work here is done.

And I’ll tell you something else, my work is a very long fucking way from being done. However, my blog for tonight is, other than, yes you guessed it, to point you to the Holy Grail of my fundraiser. Come on folks, join the crest of my wave and loosen your purse strings. It’s all for our glorious NHS. I’m heading back to the tennis club now to take another horrendous beating from the svelte Leo Pasta. Or am I?....


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