Another one chalked off – In the name of Thiago – Day 165


Yesterday wasn’t my best day and today was another notch down from that. At the moment I think I can manage the situation through heavy bouts of swearing rather than anything more violent, so for that I am grateful.


As I start writing this, it’s not long after 7 and the rain is coming down in fucketfuls once again. The trench below which was half full of water when I took the photo earlier will now be topped up once more – what a time to be a builder.



Angélica’s back at work today after a couple of days off and with Elisa’s classroom being closed as well, the home dynamic has changed once more. I wouldn’t necessarily say in a good way either.


The last few days have seen me in a constant state of tiredness and no amount of exercise seems to change that. I appreciate that saying that sounds ridiculous and for me, as is the case for many people experiencing a constant state of terrible sadness, this is very much a mental state. I have a week off the week after next – I am ready for it.



It’s a Wednesday evening and I’m polishing off the last of Bulldog’s special beer delivery, which came up north with my brother on the last bank holiday. I’ve just been speaking to the very man himself as it happens. The unwritten rule that I’m roughly trying to abide by is that I won’t drink beer during the week. This tells you all you need to know. Weirdly, the no drinking beer during the week aim doesn’t extend to other alcohol though right now the cupboards are bare in that respect anyway.



The Premier League is back and broadly speaking I couldn’t give a shit. Spurs are of course a joke which doesn’t help of course but there was still one talking point. I do hope someone in Washington was watching..




I’ll finish as I started. I should at least be grateful that the crazy weather and the building work means that I’m not struggling for blog pictures. Sorry if it’s becoming a little repetitive but that is the reality of life sometimes I suppose. I’m just impressed with myself that it’s only been like this a handful of times in the last 165 days. That’s saying something I reckon.


Hey-ho time for me to go, Angelica will be home very shortly and I’d like to put on a sunnier disposition than the one I’m currently exuding. Here’s the place to donate folks, take good care.


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