Everything and nothing - In the name of Thiago - Day 182


After three days where I’ve walked nigh on 50 miles, I gave myself free rein to do very little today. And it felt strange. The truth is there’s plenty going on in my life at the moment anyway without all the training, so with it, well life’s starting to get a little hectic.


The builders are going to be breaking into our existing kitchen on Monday, so Angélica has been running around like a whirling dervish recreating our temporary living space in what used to be the music/yoga room. We are already being somewhat tetchy towards each other, so Christ knows what it’ll be like when we’ve been living off ready meals for a month or so. I’m laughing now but..



The set up over the coming weeks – and let’s not put a figure on it, as that’s a guaranteed way of fucking everything up for even longer – is going to be meals in the downstairs spare room, washing dishes upstairs in the bathroom and meals from a combination of the camping stove you can see in the picture and the microwave.


Maybe it’s no bad thing that pubs and restaurants are reopening, albeit I had no intention whatsoever of using them until August at the earliest. Let’s see how often Angélica and I want to kill each other first!



I actually think Angélica has done a rather fine job of utilising the space we have available at the moment. But then again I am duty bound to say that! I won’t lie, this isn’t going to be a whole lot of fun, but for fuck’s sake this is hardly the worst thing my family has been through. First world problems and all that.


I’ve been doing a fair bit of planning for the autumn walk this afternoon. I’ve emailed a lot of people, who had previously declared an interest in joining me at some point for my 300 mile trek from Eastbourne to Stoke-on-Trent and I’ve been quite encouraged by some of the responses I’ve had. I’ve also had my old broadcasting chum Andrew Hawes get in touch unexpectedly and he’s penned himself in for a day when I had no-one. These are all reasons to be cheerful.



My only specific wish is that I won’t have to walk at any point on my own and after today’s developments I feel confident that I can somehow get that to happen. If you’ve been in touch with me today to give me good news, I’m very grateful for it as every time I learn that someone is going to join me, it just gives me an extra lift, and with my mental wellbeing being let’s say erratic, it really does help.


I’m going to declare on that note folks, as I need to go and figure some stuff out starting with why my fucking knee hurts so much! If you are reading this and want to get involved in the week, please comment on the blog (if Blogger will allow it) or find me on Facebook or Twitter ‘chrisgibbs76’ and I share with my itinerary with you. And very finally.. if you’ve not yet done so, here’s the place to donate. Take care and have a good Saturday evening everyone.


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