Up on the roof – In the name of Thiago – Day 199


First things first, as I’ve been guzzling down water like it was going out of fashion, my bladder is feeling way better. It brought to mind an episode of QI I recall seeing ages back, which showed Japanese businessmen taking a toilet into meetings. I felt like I needed one of those yesterday. Today, to borrow and slightly amend a Beatle’s lyric, the smile has returned to my face.


Anyway, that’s enough about my toilet habits, what else happened today? Well Angélica trotted off to New Brighton beach on Merseyside with Elisa and Elisa’s mate Bella. The girls got back shortly after 6 as I was just getting into my early yoga stretches and before too long they were heading upstairs; both feeling pretty knackered.



Grace, that’s Elisa’s mate that I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, happened to be at the beach today as well. Angélica had worked that out last night and this was a smooth tactic, as it enabled her to scarper off on occasion for fags and various other things, which she hasn’t declared as yet.


If things had worked out differently, or put another way, as Angélica hoped they might have gone prior to us getting married 15 years ago, then our visits to the beach would probably not be so infrequent. New Brighton is more than an hour away and along with north Wales is the closest bit of appealing coastline to us. Then again, when something’s not right on your doorstep, I guess there’s a school of thought that says you appreciate it all the more.



Bella had no hesitation in hurtling into the sea on a slightly overcast day. Elisa and Angélica with Latin-American blood in their veins, were a little more reticent. Even though I’ve been at home, working all day, it’s made me really happy to see the joy that a day away from the house has brought to the girls.



These guys have made a lot of progress I’m glad to report, as last week was a little on the slow side. Dry weather I’d imagine is a handy thing for putting a roof on and it looks like the forecast is favourable again tomorrow. It doesn’t ‘arf make a difference looking into the front room at the moment, not that we can do anything in there. You can barely make someone out at the other end of the room!



As I mentioned earlier, I did a spot of yoga this evening. I can never make it through an entire session. It’s not a physical thing, it just drags on a bit for me. I’d be more in favour of smashing it all in 20 minutes and leaving out all the spiritual stuff if I’m honest. When people get really into all that, I revert to being the cynical old fucker I’ve never truly stopped being. In fact, perhaps I am even more of a cynical bastard these days since Thiago died.


On that cheery note, I’m going to declare for the evening and actually take note of my yoga instructor’s thought for the day, which was to be ‘proud of the small things you’ve achieved.’ Well tomorrow I shall be bringing up my double hundred on the blog front. That’s far from being a small thing, but I sure am proud of it.


If you can, please do continue to donate. I’m so happy with how supportive everyone has been. It really does mean a lot to me.


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