Floors and flaws – In the name of Thiago – Day 225


I’m getting the impression that I need more holiday. It feels like there is so much to do between now and September 19 – the start date for the ‘In the name of Thiago’ memorial walk. I hasten to make clear that I am only saying that it ‘feels like’ that. The reality is somewhere between how an ultra-relaxed person would feel about the forthcoming start date and how a terrible worrier like me feels.


As well as the walking I have to do this coming week to keep up my physicality, I also need to focus on making sure that I prepare everything I’ll need to carry for the walk and start walking with it on my back. Angélica gave me, let’s call it a pep talk, tonight, pointing out my flaws and making it quite clear what I needed to do about them. The good lady doesn’t pull any punches on that front, although to be fair she does have a broken hand, so maybe riling her now is perhaps the only time I’m likely to get away with it!



The morning started with a trip to B&Q in Meir Park. One of the things that Angélica and I are learning, is that a build project like the one we are trying to manage, is that a lot of it is about timing. You’re trying to anticipate when certain stages are going to be reached, juggling budget availability and making purchases in a timely manner.


And so it was that we had a family trip to B&Q, where I spent a month’s salary in the 45 minutes we were there, (the chandelier pictured was out of stock unfortunately) most of that on flooring. At least I got an egg and bacon bap out of it afterwards, so I’m not complaining! As the aesthetic side of the build nears, we’re now keeping everything crossed that what we’ve ordered turns up when it’s supposed to. Ultimately it matters shit in the big scheme of things after everything Angélica and I have been through and I know that. I am certainly not losing perspective.



After B&Q, it was time to enjoy the more relaxing surroundings of Denstone with our Brazilian friends Leo and Dani Pasta. As they live in Cheadle, it’s only a 10-15 minute drive from their gaff. Elisa loves spending time with Livia, Leo and Dani’s daughter. She’s a couple of years older than Elisa but they seem to get on fantastically well and the Pastas have welcomed Elisa for an overnight stay, allowing Angélica and I to…have an early night. Just where did you think I was going with that?!


After a decent 17 miler yesterday, I had a far more modest walking affair with three kids in tow, (Leo and Dani’s 16 year-old son’s name is Caio), but in far more pleasant surroundings i.e. not cursing and whingeing to myself as I struggle with the long and determinedly depressing incline northbound up the A34.



Seeing this artistry has given the good lady some ideas about creating a feature in the garden. I really don’t know how she can be thinking about the next thing when there’s still so much to do but that’s one of the remarkable things about my Latin American lovely – her mind never stops.



We did a circuit of the lake that skirts around the edge of JCB’s world headquarters before retiring to the Pastas for some decent coffee – well they are Brazilian – and a mixture of desserts. Well as I’m child free this evening, I’d be a fool not to wrap this up and go and enjoy the company of my wife of 15 years.


I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and in your relaxed state are feeling in a generous mood. The fundraising has been fantastic but there’s still a good chunk that I need to raise. The ‘naked Fridays’ fundraiser within a fundraiser organised by Stephen Tibbals aka Lord Tibbo, needs another £80 to hit the £500 mark, which should be of interest to a few of you I imagine, so let’s keep going!


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