My sister arrives – In the name of Thiago – Day 231


It’s been a wonderful day, although it started a little ominously. I went out on the sauce with a good mate last night and although I had a bloody good time, I didn’t ‘arf feel it this morning. So much so, that I ended up going for a mid-morning snooze. Bloody hell, it was well needed.


The snooze and the night out were both well needed frankly. I hadn’t had a drink all week and although I don’t crave banging a few down me these days in the way that I would once have done, there is a part of me that says; I’m on holiday I’m going to have a few jars. My man Mindaugas also came back to my gaff afterwards to thoroughly clean out my remaining supplies. Outstanding work Mindy!



My sister Holly, husband Pete and their two children Millie and Tristan arrived in the Potteries around lunch-time. They turned up at my Dad’s first: allowing me to extend my mid-morning snooze into lunchtime. I then took a call from Quinton – a chap who will be joining me on the walk on the Richmond to Uxbridge stage. He seems like a cracking bloke and although we’ve never met I can see we’re going to get on well.


The two families all went for a walk up at Keele University. It was great. There are some brilliant swings and trees for the kids to muck around on and Dad just about managed it although it did take a lot more out of him than I expected. His health has deteriorated again since he’s been living on his own. Although I think he’s doing ok, he’s clearly not doing anything at all to improve his health prospects, which ultimately is his choice and his choice only.



Millie and Elisa have been getting on fabulously well – it really is wonderful to see. Millie is 14 months older than Elisa and about a foot taller – she really is very tall indeed for her age (13). I love how the two of them are not bothered about the fact that because Holly and I didn’t get on for many years they never got to spend time together growing up and simply enjoy each other’s company now. The resilience of children is something that never ceases to amaze me.


With Angelica and Holly zipping off to Longton unexpectedly to drop Dad off, I was with Pete and the kids and also, it turned out, without a front door key. So Super Steve my amazing next-door neighbour, gave the kids free rein on the garden and beers to me and Pete. Things were falling out of place and in to place in equal measure. I feel lucky. And I had a lovely cuddle with Lou and Super Steve’s daughter Camilla. I loved it although it made me feel sad for the incredible little man that I miss every day and will never cuddle again.



After the walk, I made a spontaneous decision to take everyone up to the Gresley Arms in Alsagers Bank. It proved to be a very popular choice, though unfortunately Dad got a bit cold and then the whingeing kicked in, resulting in Angelica having to drive him all the way back to Longton when we had a table for eight booked in Newcastle at 7.20 this evening. Dad knocked his involvement with that on the head and is playing misery guts at home while the rest of us are carrying on. Well the other six are, I’m writing this blog for you, dear readers!


So with that being the case and not wanting to miss out myself, I am going to trundle down into town myself and sample some fine Lebanese cuisine and have a bloody good night of it, because fuck it, why not! In the meantime folks, keep those donations coming!




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