In Gibbs we trust – In the name of Thiago – Day 249


Yes, well perhaps placing your trust in yours truly isn’t necessarily a fabulous way forward but lest we forget that a lot more trust has been placed in certain world leaders, who probably ought to be wobbling more than me on a bad mental health day. And before you remind me, I know there are plenty of those!


It hasn’t been a stonkingly good day or anything quite of that nature, after all it was only a Wednesday, but I feel like I’ve been quietly and confidently going about my business today. An exercise in steadiness if you will despite the latest Covid-related restrictions, which I am delighted to report, have no impact on my walking plans.


I do hope that I maintain this level of equilibrium tomorrow when I go to see the bloke from Homebase where we bought our worktops from. He’s made Angélica and I a generous offer of a 3m length of material to cover the 150mm shortfall on the original slab, which he measured up and ordered, for the princely sum of £400. What I’m then supposed to do with the 2.85 metres I don’t need is anyone’s guess, but I’ve been assured that it’s a very fair offer. Gees, I hate being taken for a fool.



I’m being interviewed by BBC West Midlands (radio) this evening as part of their desert island discs style programme that they’re going to put out a week tomorrow to talk about this wonderful little man. I hope that I’ll be ok and manage to keep it all together for the duration of the interview – it certainly won’t be easy and I know when I’m done I’ll probably break into floods of tears.


All things considered, I probably should have thought twice before accepting the gin that Angélica poured me and that I’ve almost polished off already. Ah well, it’s not like it’s linked to depression and overriding feelings of sadness or anything. Doh!


I may have to cut this slightly shorter than usual today, but rest assured I’ll still be doing important legacy work for my darling little boy and that really is my main focus right now, which of course I make absolutely no apology for.


Her ladyship, pictured above and below with her little brother, has been in excellent form. She took a little warming up today, as is often the way, but had us in stitches at the dinner table when she told us how she has taken on the role of bringing kids together at school. I love it. The school social secretary! She’s already showing the confidence that I belatedly gained in life, which was in extremely short supply in my teenage years.


I just hope that this fabulous confidence stays with her because if it does, she’s going to be an absolute star at high school. She’ll be an absolute star in my eyes whatever happens of course. Let’s just say I’m bound to have a few blind spots. I am so very, very proud of her.


Well as I warned a few moments ago, I now need to gather myself for a few moments before this interview. I’ll give the gin a miss and get myself a massive glass of cold water – Jamie, I know you’ll be proud.


Keep the fundraising going guys and gals. Every donation gives me a little fillip and that’s certainly no bad thing. Ten days to go…  





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