It takes so little – In the name of Thiago – Day 247

After a weekend where I had just about got myself in a state of relaxation, it only took a day to return me to the frenetic state I've become more accustomed to recently. Great.

On the positive front, Ashley the builder, who remarkably – well remarkably in my little mind anyway – also turns out to be a fitter and a tiler, has been back on the job today. He’s such a good lad is Ash. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble to him and he’s got that cheeky chappy demeanour whereby you know you can enjoy a bit of a laugh with him too.



So why all the angst you may perfectly reasonably ask? Well a large part of is this bloody worktop – the main problem being that although it’s a pretty decent slab, it seems to be about 15mm shorter that it needs to be to fit the kitchen work surfaces properly. Well of course it is, why wouldn’t it be?  So that’s a whole more bunch of phone calls tomorrow – it’s kind of immaterial now it would seem whether we can get Geoff who’s been to measure up to fit the bloody stuff any time soon.



The rest of the kitchen is coming on quite nicely but I’m starting to get anxious about how this place is going to be left when I’m away. I know how stressed this has made me today and I really don’t want Angélica to be dealing with shitty situations while I’m on the walk. I know she’s phenomenally capable – much more so than me – but it’s all becoming so very tiring and tiresome.


The shifting dynamic of Angélica being at work, Elisa being at school and me being stuck at home is one I’m not enjoying at all. If ever there was a case for public sector workers to return to offices, then I reckon I’m it. Building work, grieving and all manners of shit in between: it’s fair to say that I could certainly benefit from some human company.  


When I see this view, it does make me feel better though. However long it takes us to get to the end game, it will have been worth it. And at that point I’ll have walked 300 miles raised a whole heap of money for two deserving hospitals and probably forget that days like this ever happened. Well I’ll be able to smile at least. I hope!


I’m impatient, I know it. Nothing ever seems to happen at the pace that I want it to. I’m not just talking about the building project but so many things to do with the walk – the media push, the finalising of some planning, any slight changes in the itinerary, financial niggles that won’t go away. Breathe Chris, you’re doing well. That’s the bigger picture of course.


Well the good lady should be home very shortly, so I shall leave you on this note. You know what to do if you haven’t already done so already. Night all.


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