Time for a bevy - In the name of Thiago - Day 267


The restorative effects of a trip to a brewery are something that I cannot recommend highly enough. I was really struggling yesterday with the whole situation of being caught between two stools; neither walking or really properly relaxing if I'm truthful. I woke up at the absolutely majestic time of 8.15 not feeling remotely guilty, until I realised where I was and remembered that my tardiness was preventing everyone else from accessing the front room of their home.

That said, Camilla is never fussed about all that sort of stuff. I had slept for nine hours, half of that sleep was deep sleep and my God, I didn't 'arf feel much better afterwards. I also fussed over my feet with lotions and various creams and they are now ready for the off again tomorrow.

It's been lovely spending some time with my godson Harry this weekend. As I said yesterday, he is a right bloody handful but he just needs the right environment to flourish. He has been brought up extremely well by his mum and dad and though I haven't seen much of his dad Jorge - who works very long hours in hotels, bars and restaurants - the love he has for his mum is something that is very sweet to see. All of what I've just said is straight from the heart and completely true but even so, I've had my fill over the weekend and I'm ready to walk just as Harry needs the structure of school.

Good on Harry this morning, I'm going to give him credit here and make his mum proud too. He absolutely insisted on making sure the sofa that I slept on last night was completely tidied away properly and he even helped me fold the sheets and put all the other furnishings away as well. Ok, so I'm a bit short of photos too for today's blog so this might not normally have made the cut but it can't all be excitement and tales of wonder and amazement. Life simply isn't like that. 

I decided to do everything within my limited powers to ensure that my feet got a decent airing today and that extended to leaving the house in flip flops in the early part of he afternoon with the wind blowing around fairly impressively and the temperature having dropped off fairly significantly since last week. The difference between last weekend and this on the weather front has been extraordinary. I certainly haven't been regretting not being on the move this weekend. I was bloody frozen though.

I mentioned in the intro to today's blog that a trip to a brewery can be a restorative thing and here's the proof. Well, I suppose that's just a picture of a big sign but I'm sure you get the gist. While Camilla, Harry and I were here, we met a lovely bloke called Jon-Paul who made a very generous donation to the fundraiser and who also came with the added bonus of having a six-year-old son called Luca in tow. Harry and Luca charged around the industrial estate where the brewery was, with what can quite accurately be described as 'gay abandon'. 

My tootsies weren't half frozen when we eventually left shortly after 4 but at least I'd been spared watching Spurs knacker it up against the Toon army. That in itself came with a story too. My old mate Oz texted me just before kick off to say that he was happy to sponsor me £20 a goal in the game, (which I only read properly as the final whistle was being blown). I can honestly say that conceding an injury time penalty has never felt so sweet. Thanks Oz, very gracious and kind of you!

I'm looking forward to getting back on the 'In the name of Thiago' memorial walk tomorrow. I'm going to slope off and have a good soak in the tub now and then I'll be just about done for the day I reckon. Before you're all just about done though, perhaps you can share the blog/fundraiser with your contacts - it's really working well folks.


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