One to move on from (Wolverhampton to Cannock) - In the name of Thiago - Day 283


I'm going to level with you here. I'd quite like it to stop fucking raining. Admittedly yes, it was forecast but gees come on it's just been non-stop for days now apart from on Sunday, when as luck would have it I was having a rest day. I have it on no particular authority at all that it may well remain dry for the rest of the week - I reckon I deserve it.

It all started off so well today in quite magnificent weather you might even say. I was certainly enjoying the warmth on my back, ok relative warmth, it is October after all. There was just Adam and myself today for the duration and I'll be honest, I wasn't quite 'feeling it', as Elisa would say. Maybe my slight drop in intensity reflected in how I put myself across today as we had a fairly lousy day on the bucket. Our meanderings raised £25 though the second half of the day was in tipping down rain, which never helps.

Look at the pair of us, still at this point enjoying the dry and some fairly cracking views alongside the Worcester Canal in places. Adam looks completely relaxed, I seem to have a slightly more nervous smile breaking out across my broad features. Maybe I knew I was about to get another hosing. We stopped for our lunch outside a not particularly nice looking pub shortly after half one. We just sat on the wall and munched our way through our sandwiches as the first raindrops started falling. Two halves to a day and all that.

We made it to Cannock by which time I was completely soaked. Adam and I kept each other's spirits up with some fairly random discussions but it wasn't one of those days that you remember all that fondly. But you know what, the weather's getting better, I've got a few more folk joining me tomorrow and there are now only three more days until it's all done. I need to get back on it and make sure that this amazing trip ends on a fabulously positive note. The little man needs to know that we're all smiling with him too. Every single day.

To keep me smiling, you can still donate to the cause. It's going to be tough to reach that £20,000 target but with your help and support, I'm still feeling extremely confident. Now bring me sunshine - tomorrow specifically!


  1. Wanted to welcome you at end of walk on behalf of pippa and Mathew Paszek but broken ankle prevents this Thoughts and love are with you Judy pippas mum

    1. Ouch, sorry to hear about the ankle. I know you're there in spirit as are Matt and Pippa of course!

  2. Keep your chin up Chris. You are almost there. We're all so so proud of you xxxxx

    1. Thanks mate. Simply continuing to put one foot after another 😀


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