A little bit of something comes back - In the name of Thiago - Day 320

You know what folks, I'm going to miss this blogging malarkey when I'm done. There's some pretty weird shit going on inside my head for the large part of the time but today I've managed to find a little bit of clear space. There have been tears again on a phone call to a work colleague and as the day of the anniversary of my son's passing gets ever closer, they will come again. Of that I'm sure. 

After a tremendously challenging week - this is going down pretty well despite the fact that isn't all that remarkable. My friend Mindaugas came round to ours just before lockdown and came bearing goods. Very fine goods indeed, some lovely beverages from Lidl. Now I keep meaning to find the Scottish beverage my favourite Lithuanian furnished me with that evening, which I can't remember the name of, and I either completely forget or end up in Aldi thinking I'm in Lidl because frankly, fuck it they're both German and they have the same colours in their branding. The long and the short of it is, I cannae find the bastard. Sadly this crisp, dry and refreshing light blond pale ale tastes of fuck all.

On the non-beer front, the worktops have now been fitted and all that remains to be done to finish this longstanding project is for Steve to complete the plumbing tomorrow. This kitchen extension has been a constant thread of the blog too and there seems to be a certain resonance in this finishing as well as we come round to the end of November. 

It will be a strange weekend this one coming. Angelica is working both days so it'll be just me and the herbert. I managed to trick her into allowing me a hug earlier - the first one in ages - and I was fairly jubilant afterwards, much to her immense and obvious disappointment. "Oh Dad, you're such a numpty" her ladyship responded. That my friends is rare mutual respect! 

Friday is chippy tea of course, so more reasons to be cheerful. From where I've been mentally this last couple of weeks, today was a bit of a breakthrough. I'm not shouting from the rooftops but I'm definitely taking some comfort from having come through the week ok. It might not seem like much but it is a lot for me for the time being.

Virgin Money Giving have been in touch to let me know that I am currently one of their featured fundraisers on their website. I'm not expecting that it will necessarily make a lot of difference at this stage to my fundraiser but it is another reminder of the pride that I should deservedly have in myself for keeping it alive right to the last. If you haven't done so already, please give if you can afford to do so. 


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