Breathe it in - In the name of Thiago - Day 315


What makes you happy? Find out what that is and try to do more of it. It's a fairly straightforward way to go I think but it's surprising how easy it can be to overlook. Admittedly I can't arrange to have Spurs win the league or Sussex to win anything at all any more frankly, but I can get out to have a walk. And that's exactly what I did today with, wait for it.. both girls in tow.

I don't know how Angelica manages to get a tune out of Elisa at times. Call it patience or maybe it's just a girl thing, but there's no way I'd have got her ladyship out of her pit before midday today without some sort of enticement. She's like a supermodel in that respect - and she's 12!

It's absolutely hammering it down now outside our kitchen window but it was utterly glorious this afternoon with the sunshine lighting up one half of the path as we walked alongside the Manifold river on the Staffordshire side of the Staffordshire/Derbyshire border. Now it wasn't always the side we were walking on, but we managed to sample a bit of the best of the late autumnal offering. It was really enjoyable.

Angelica's knee is still giving her a bit of gyp and she's diligently working through the exercises that the physio has given her, but it does mean we have to  carefully manage how we go about our trips out. She was apologetic about that today, which of course was entirely unnecessary, as we still managed a good couple of hours over some rugged terrain in places. It wasn't challenging but it was enough of a challenge if you know what I mean.

Here are the famous stepping stones - just about the only way I could get a photo of her ladyship today - that Elisa loves to trundle across. There's often an awkward pause while typically polite Britishness gets in the way of anyone setting off from either side or occasionally where some twat with a dog, as was the case this afternoon, just stands there like a numpty being completely indecisive as the poor hound mirrors its owner with its dithering.

Elisa doesn't do standing on ceremony. Her confidence is impressive in a 12-year-old I reckon, though this can be viewed in a different way occasionally!

Like my good friend Alex, who was doing something similar this afternoon at The Cloud over Congleton way this afternoon, I went for the shorts option. I saw just one other person wearing shorts but he had some skin tight trouser covering going on underneath, so there's absolutely no fucking way that counts. I think Alex and I were fighting a fairly lone battle at our respective walking spots in that respect!

It was good just to get out and I think it did Elisa and Angelica a lot of good as well. I really hope that Angelica's knee holds out, she's doing long days at the hospital tomorrow and Tuesday and that will take it out of her I know. It's weird really, I've not been to my workplace for a day's work since March 23 and I would do anything to get back there. Not necessarily every day but just to break the week up a little. By the time I do head back to the office it will be more than a year I reckon as I can't see anything changing post lockdown 2 either. It largely depends on what progress we make with that vaccine I reckon. 

All the time people can be as productive at home as they are at their regular place of work, then there's no real reason to change. Buildings cost money to run after all and working in the public sector as I do, the question should always be asked - why should the tax-payer be asked to fund something that makes no tangible difference to the way public services are provided? 

Well that's as close as I'll get to a thought for the day. Let's hope the week ahead is manageable - I'm not being too ambitious just yet - and that some more stuff falls into place. Take care folks and on a very final note the fundraiser will remain open for a couple more weeks so don't be shy if you haven't already. Thank you to my sister Holly's friend Sam from yesterday!



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