Evening walks and Lidl visits - In the name of Thiago - Day 312


Today was a step back down after thinking I might have turned a corner yesterday. This just highlights the importance of not getting too far ahead of myself I guess.

I have at least been a lot kinder to myself today, allowing myself time to breathe and setting realistic targets without putting too much pressure on myself. At times, I don't seem to get anywhere because I just end up being swamped but today I deliberately took a step back and focussed on doing two or three things well. That's not to say that I did them well of course, but hey I set out to and that's the point!

You know I'm scraping the barrel when I start putting supermarket chain magazines in as my pictures for the day. It came through the post this afternoon. I always look forward to the delivery of our mail as if she's on shift it means I get to speak to Camille our postlady. She's a good 'un and we had a laugh today about the temporary post carrier she's using, (her back's a bit fucked) like an old fashioned trolley, which Angelica assures me is now coming back into fashion. If I had one, I'd be laughed at, I know that much. 

I am heading out to do the shopping in a bit. I absolutely refuse to do it on a Friday night. I'll want a beer and a wind down when this fucker of a week is over and though I'd thought about starting a bit later tomorrow and doing it in the the morning, I didn't quite get round to organising the time off. It matters not.

Like this fella, Jack, I'm going to be heading out this evening. Firstly, to do the aforementioned shopping though not at Aldi - they won't win my custom back that easily - but at Lidl. I'm still fluctuating between the two ridiculously similarly branded German supermarkets but Lidl is currently winning out for the time being, though my friend Mindaugas did bring some half decent craft beers from Aldi last time. Ah fuck it, I can never remember which one's which and who sells what. Don't come to me for supermarket advice!

Ah yes secondly, I'll get there eventually, I'm meeting my friend Jared for a walk at 9pm. Now this is an unusual turn of events. For one, I'm occasionally in bed at 9 o'clock so wouldn't have considered it and for two well I've not spoken to Jared for a couple of months and his text last night came completely out of the blue. But walking is very, very good for me and after covering 350 miles in a month for my fundraiser, it's probably something I can say that I'm quite good at! I'm looking forward to seeing Jared, it's something to be happy about. And that's very important right now.

Now back to the theme of the dregs of the pictorial barrel - Angelica's smoking accessories. She's trying to give up and I've been called upon to support with the effort. She's only had four rollies since Sunday and she's doing very well to cut back. I know how hard it is to kick a habit, I've been trying to give up work for what seems like forever. I jest. It's work that wants to give up on me I think or at least so it seems this week!

Angelica said that she plans to pass over her smoking goodies to me tomorrow and that I am to hide them from her. This is a weird position to be in. I'm already imagining a situation where I'm supposed to be keeping them from her but knowing that she might feel better if I give them back. Will I cave, will I crumble when faced with this moral dilemma? Well there's a cliffhanger to end on. Well there's the end would be more accurate. 


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