The tree of life - In the name of Thiago - Day 323

I mentioned over the weekend that I really wasn't looking forward to this week. Well I've taken some steps to address that. So far, I've refused to get overly concerned about work matters, while still doing what I can of course, and I've booked myself a day off for Friday. The latter was a more important step as it means I can get myself some head space before the weekend. As much as can be expected, in this week of all weeks, I've managed to get things off to a positive start.


In this end of northern Staffordshire it's been a glorious if cold day, so good reason to get out in it. My getting out and about has become somewhat less frequent since the walk came to its glorious end last month but every time I do make it out, I feel better for it. Well that's not rocket science I guess. And this time I even remembered to take something for my tear-soaked eyes. I'm learning.

The maintenance staff have laid down some turf on Thiago's grave, which is looking in good condition. It's the little things like this that please me. 

Those same kind-hearted blokes helped me plant the Thiago oak tree donated to Angelica and I, by my sister Holly. When one of the other funeral staff had shown me the rough spot where the tree would be planted, I'd thought it was a good place, as there is a fair amount of space around and let's face it, oak trees become ginormous.

What I hadn't appreciated then, was that it was also in a line of other trees. Well if you can have tree-lined streets, why not a tree-lined cemetery. There's a part of me that's full of wonder that I will never see this oak tree grow to its full glory. Neither will Elisa, her children maybe. The thought that Thiago will live on beyond us all is something that matters to me. He had very little time with us on this earth. yet he will grow to tower above us all in it. That's my boy.

While I was there, the chaps found a little mesh to protect Thiago's tree from rampaging rabbits. This brought to mind tales of how Plumley, who used to play with me for Pevensey Cricket Club, would, so I was told as a young'un at least, take to the outfield in his Land Rover on a weekday night with his twelve bore and blast away at the little bastards.

I was very young when I heard this story so I'm not going to vouch for it, but nonetheless, it was all I could think of for a short while afterwards. Once I'd got my head back on, I wandered over to the little man to spend a few moments with him. I feel all sorts of things when I'm stood at his burial spot, today I just felt him smile at me. That was enough.

The other news today is that Angelica is now going to be testing herself twice weekly for Covid-19. You'd have to say that knowing how many colleagues are carrying the virus would have to be a positive thing but as Angelica pointed out, who's going to work on the wards and units if a load of staff have to go off sick. 

But fear not, Angelica already has an answer to this problem.  Everyone that has a positive test will simply then go and work on the Covid ward with all the other infected people. Covid test anyone?


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